Who we are

This Blogging website is for all those who love to be in Sales & for them understanding the clients psychology is a everyday affair . We don’t want to be called a sales Chanakya or Guru, its the real time experience which we want to share with our readers . The tips & ticks are not mere ideas but for actual implementation in day to day affair .

They can be utilized for every industry & not related to only a particular category or trade . In short it can be your own ready reckoner or must to be remember tips.

We are hopeful that our blogs will really value add in our readers life. A word of caution – This is our genuine effort & not a policy or a rule book. Hence please apply these to you own will & wish .

The Idea behind to start this blog was to help all those sales professional who are stuck between the ideal bookish knowledge & for those are  done with reading so call SELF HELP & now nowhere to go .

We will try to help our readers right from the basic how to build a sales funnel to a more complex closing a sales & how to nurture your leads etc.

When I started sales now which is my passion I had not privilege of smart gadgets, nor blogs or vey famous self help authors , it was my sheer passion towards the sales kept me going.

This blog is not restricted to only sales professionals but for everyone who is out in the world now a open & ever assess able market.

Every week we will bring one new tip / ticks which will be as easy as learning an alphabet & as effective as trying as possible .

This is a knowledge sharing platform & we are not restricting ourselves to the traditional sales but in this contemporary  we are also helping our readers to new CULT that is “ DIGITAL MARKETING “ .

Happy Selling…!!! 🙂

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