Facebook will release its first AR glasses in 2021

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During Facebook Connect — the replacement for the AR/VR event previously known as Oculus Connect — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today that the company is planning to release a pair of augmented reality glasses in 2021. While the company’s Oculus unit has become a leading provider of VR headsets, Facebook has touted AR as the next major frontier for computing, and this release date could spread the next-generation technology to the masses earlier than expected.

Zuckerberg confirmed that it has been working with fashion eyewear company Luxottica to create the product, and suggested that it will be cosmetically appealing. Smaller rivals such as Nreal have already released Android phone-tethered AR glasses that resemble sunglasses, while Magic Leap famously released somewhat unusual circular glasses that were attached to a large puck-shaped computer that users have to wear as they move around a space.

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