Disability And The Power Of Patience As A Business Asset

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The poet and playwright Neil Marcus wrote that “Disability is not a brave struggle or ‘courage in the face of adversity.’ Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live.” As we round out the discovery of these triumvirate themes that have defined this new Disability Narrative and its relationship to the imagination of business, it is crucial to recognize that using these archetypes will only enhance an organizations capacity to embrace the constant flow of new business thinking for the present while shaping the vision for the corporate culture of tomorrow. This new narrative and its applications serve as real agents of change when thinking about its growing impact on all facets of organizational culture. It is a framework that is built on the foundation of originality, creativity, and resourcefulness that have been key ingredients of the disability experience from time and memorial. The final theme to discuss in this triumvirate is the role of Patience.

In this fast-paced world of the digital economy where immediacy becomes one of the most valued currencies, organizational culture often loses sight of the status patience plays in the development of a robust business strategy that can have long term implications. For those across the disability spectrum, whether it be persons with learning disabilities to those with physical disabilities, having a deep understanding of patience and its value has been essential in designing a quality of life that allows one to set goals, measure progress and setbacks while staying focused on the mission at hand, whatever it may be. It is these very ideas that can be adopted and transformed into compelling tactics and utilized by entrepreneurs, management practitioners, to corporate leaders in helping to build businesses, shape corporate culture, and be mindful of the challenges ahead. 

Patience in the lived experience of disability is an essential part of life, it provides the fuel for what Neil Marcus described as the art and ingenuity that is the hallmark of those who are continually redefining their disability in a new way. This manner of thinking needs to be an essential component of the evolution of management thinking. Corporate leaders need to understand that one should not equate patience with laziness or idleness, but rather as a meaningful exercise that can help corporate culture and business leadership to find a sense of pacing that allows them to magnify their perspective and define their business strategy to continue to grow and learn. In doing so, organizations can build a strong internal culture, while developing deeper relationships with customers externally and finding the best way to shape an environment that will continually grow to meet critical challenges and position the organization to be industry leaders.

The triumvirate of these archetypal themes known as AdaptionResilience, and Patience that guide this new Disability Narrative will help to set a standard for business while inspiring a new sense of artistry and imagination that can have a seismic impact on the corporate culture of the 21st Century. As organizations like the Business Roundtable and the World Economic Forum have broadened the definition and role of a corporation, the language of disability opens up a whole new appreciation of the power that this lived experience can have in thinking and executing new and innovative strategies around corporate infrastructure. Understanding the future of work and the inevitable evolution of corporate culture in valuing human performance will be fundamental in the long-term success of any organization. Corporate leaders and management practitioners must see that embracing a human-centered approach to work alongside a digital future will only be a benefit in the long run.

The archetypal triumvirate that lay the foundation for this new Disability Narrative provides a way of thinking that can help build on a human-centered approach to the future of work but also recognizes the importance of innovation. Those who share in the lived experience of disability recognize the importance of innovation as a true constant in every facet of one’s life. As a society, we are at a moment of convergence. It is now the time for these archetypal themes to be established as a cornerstone for a new wave of management thinking that can be highlighted and applied to the daily needs of business life.

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